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File: test/python/sql/

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File: test/python/sql/
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Dialect PHP ORM and ODM Library
Store and retrieve objects in database using ORM
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def getDB(DialectORM): import re import mysql.connector notSelectRE = re.compile(r'^(insert|delete|update|replace|drop|create|alter)\s+', re.I) insertReplaceRE = re.compile(r'^(insert|replace)\s+', re.I) class MysqlDb(DialectORM.IDb): def __init__(self, conf=dict(), vendor=''): self.dbh = None self.conf = {} self.vendorName = '' self.last_query = None self.last_result = None self.num_rows = 0 self.insert_id = '0' self.conf = conf self.vendorName = str(vendor) if conf: self.connect(conf) def __del__(self): if self.dbh and hasattr(self, 'disconnect'): self.disconnect() self.dbh = None def vendor(self): return self.vendorName def escapeWillQuote(self): return False def escape(self, s): if not self.dbh: self.connect(self.conf) cursor = self.dbh.cursor() se = cursor._connection.converter.escape(str(s)) cursor.close() return se def connect(self, cfg=dict()): # Must have a db and user conf = { 'host' : 'localhost', 'db' : '', 'user' : '', 'password' : '' } conf.update(cfg) if not conf['db'] or not conf['user']: raise Exception('DB: No db or user') self.dbh = None self.dbh = mysql.connector.connect(host=conf['host'],database=conf['db'],user=conf['user'],password=conf['password']) return self def disconnect(self): if self.dbh and self.dbh.is_connected(): self.dbh.close() self.dbh = None return self def query(self, sql): sql = str(sql).strip() # initialise return self.last_query = sql self.num_rows = 0 self.insert_id = '0' self.last_result = [] # If there is no existing database connection then try to connect if not self.dbh: self.connect(self.conf) # Query was an insert, delete, update, replace if notSelectRE.match(sql): # Perform the query and log number of affected rows cursor = self.dbh.cursor(dictionary=True) cursor.execute(sql) # Take note of the insert_id if insertReplaceRE.match(sql): self.insert_id = str(cursor.lastrowid) self.dbh.commit() self.num_rows = cursor.rowcount cursor.close() return {'affectedRows' : self.num_rows, 'insertId' : self.insert_id} # Query was an select else: # Perform the query and log number of affected rows cursor = self.dbh.cursor(dictionary=True) cursor.execute(sql) # Store Query Results self.last_result = cursor.fetchall() self.num_rows = cursor.rowcount cursor.close() return self.last_result def get(self, sql): return self.query(sql) return MysqlDb