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File: zray/vendor/PHP_CodeSniffer-2.2.0/CodeSniffer/Standards/PEAR/Docs/Functions/FunctionDeclarationStandard.xml
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<documentation title="Function Declarations"> <standard> <![CDATA[ There should be exactly 1 space after the function keyword and 1 space on each side of the use keyword. Closures should use the Kernighan/Ritchie Brace style and other single-line functions should use the BSD/Allman style. Multi-line function declarations should have the parameter lists indented one level with the closing parenthesis on a newline followed by a single space and the opening brace of the function. ]]> </standard> <code_comparison> <code title="Valid: Correct spacing around function and use keywords."> <![CDATA[ $foo = function<em> </em>()<em> </em>use<em> </em>($bar)<em> </em>{ }; ]]> </code> <code title="Invalid: No spacing around function and use keywords."> <![CDATA[ $foo = function<em></em>()<em></em>use<em></em>($bar)<em></em>{ }; ]]> </code> </code_comparison> <code_comparison> <code title="Valid: Multi-line function declaration formatted properly."> <![CDATA[ function foo( <em> </em>$bar, <em> </em>$baz <em>) {</em> }; ]]> </code> <code title="Invalid: Invalid indentation and formatting of closing parenthesis."> <![CDATA[ function foo( <em></em>$bar, <em></em>$baz<em>)</em> <em>{</em> }; ]]> </code> </code_comparison> </documentation>