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File: src/components/settings/SettingForm.vue

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File: src/components/settings/SettingForm.vue
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: WP Emailer
Allow WordPress users to configure email settings
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Date: 10 months ago
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<script setup> import { __ } from '@wordpress/i18n'; </script> <template> <div class="settings-form"> <form method="post" @submit="onSubmit" > <!-- Section 1 --> <div class="section"> <BaseCard :header-title="__('General', 'wp-emailer')" :header-description="__('Change general contents for the settings', 'wp-emailer')" > <template #content> <InputSection type="number" :label="__('Number of rows', 'wp-emailer')" name="numrows" :hint="__('How many rows will be displayed on the table', 'wp-emailer')" :value="settings?.numrows" :required="true" :on-change="changeInput" :min="1" :max="5" /> <InputSection type="switch" :label="__('Show human readable date', 'wp-emailer')" name="humandate" :value="settings?.humandate" :hint="__('If the date in the table will be displayed as a human readable format or a timestamp', 'wp-emailer')" :required="false" :on-change="changeInput" /> </template> </BaseCard> </div> <!-- Section 2 --> <div class="section"> <BaseCard :header-title="__('Email', 'wp-emailer')" :header-description="__('Change your email settings', 'wp-emailer')" > <template #content> <InputSection type="email" :label="__('Emails', 'wp-emailer')" name="emails" :on-change="changeInput" > <template #input-content> <BaseButton v-if="!emailsData.length" :onclick="appendEmail" type="button" variant="default" class="email-append-button" > + {{ __('Add New', 'wp-emailer') }} </BaseButton> <div v-for="(email, index) in emailsData" :key="index" > <div class="mt-20 flex"> <BaseInput type="email" :name="`emails_${index}`" :value="email" :on-change="(input) => changeEmailInput(input, index)" /> <BaseButton v-if="emailsData.length < 5 && !index" :onclick="appendEmail" type="button" variant="default" class="email-append-button" > + </BaseButton> <BaseButton type="button" :onclick="() => deleteEmail(index)" variant="error" class="email-append-button" > - </BaseButton> </div> </div> </template> </InputSection> </template> </BaseCard> </div> </form> </div> </template> <script> import BaseCard from "../card/BaseCard.vue"; import BaseButton from "../../components/button/BaseButton.vue"; import InputSection from "../../components/input/InputSection.vue"; import BaseInput from "../../components/input/BaseInput.vue"; export default { name: "SettingForm", components: { BaseCard, BaseButton, InputSection, BaseInput }, props: { change: { type: Function, required: true, }, settings: { type: Object, required: true, } }, data() { return { emailsData: [...this.settings.emails] }; }, methods: { changeInput(input) { this.change(input); }, changeEmailInput(input, index) { this.emailsData[index] = input.value; this.saveEmails(); }, appendEmail() { this.emailsData.push(''); }, deleteEmail(index) { this.emailsData.splice(index, 1); this.saveEmails(); }, saveEmails() { this.change({ key: 'emails', value: !this.emailsData.length ? '' : this.emailsData }); }, onSubmit(e) { e.preventDefault(); // We don't make full-form submission's here. // We've added single column wise saving on change-input. }, }, }; </script> <style lang="scss" scoped> .settings-form { .section-save { margin-top: 40px; } .email-append-button { margin-left: 20px; padding: 10px 10px; } } </style>