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To use the search engine with the test data the DIRECTORY structure must be strictly followed... when one has fully understood the driver mechanism behind this little thing then can you manipulate it and use it in your site. There are definitely alterations needed to be made to the GUI displayed by bsearch.php. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have an active uploaded version of it at - note the parser variables. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *** ------------------------------------------------------------------------The main file to run is bsearch.php The Library storing all the sites to be searched is search-db.xml open this file and after staring at it for a minute you will understand how the mechanism works. In general. every file to be included in the search is a record with 3 fields (URL, EXACT path, Description) The power of this search engine lies in the fact that the searches are not done based on keywords but it actually searches thru all the text in the target page for the words or terms supplied by the user who wants to search the page for a certain nugget of data. There are 2 switches and a variable: 1)NoCharDisp -> Number of characters in before and after the search term to display so as to show a more vivid view of the usage of the search term's usage in the relative document 2)SearchMode -> 0: Word by word delimited by space (each word would return a certain result) | 1: entire phrase as a whole is taken 3)WrdXplicit -> 0: search "basic" would return "basica", "basicprogramming" as well. | 1: explicit search encompassing only "basic" ie terms mentioned "basica" and "basicprogramming" will not be returned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Summary of DIR Structure (assuming the files are in c:\search\) c:\search\php-search\bsearch.php c:\search\php-search\xmlbasica.lib.php c:\search\php-search\search-db.xml c:\search\php-bin\main.php c:\search\php-inc\page_top.htmlinc.php c:\search\php-inc\page_bot.htmlinc.php c:\search\contents\page1.htmlinc.php c:\search\contents\page2.htmlinc.php c:\search\contents\page3.htmlinc.php c:\search\contents\page4.htmlinc.php c:\search\contents\page5.htmlinc.php c:\search\contents\page6.htmlinc.php c:\search\contents\page7.htmlinc.php c:\search\contents\page8.htmlinc.php c:\search\contents\page9.htmlinc.php c:\search\index.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Support: need help? email me at Active uploaded version: ------------------------------------------------------------------------