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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP MySQL WebSocket Chat
Websocket chat that stores messages in MySQL
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1.4.1 Fixed the failing database layer

  • Manually reviewed the database changes.
  • Enabling database should now work fixing #54 thanks to @badguyp.
  • Fixed a bug in includes/classes/Database.php
  • Fixed a bug in includes/classes/Chat.php
  • Updated the database import

1.4 Helping developers to build from the project

This release will be more about helping developers with useful boiler plate functions. This will assist them to create a new project from this one quickly.

- Fixed some grammar issues - Cleaned up the code according to PSR1 and PSR2 - Added GitHub Actions - Added checks for css via stylelint - Added javascript checks via eslint - Fixed a few typo's - Updated the layout of the private messages. - Added an indicator of who the user is typing to. The channel or a user. - Made the text of the active user bold red in client list and chat area. - Improved comments for JSDOC3 - Added JSDOC development dependence. - Added more instructions to - Renamed CHAT_SERVER_HOST to WEBSOCKET_SERVER_IP for clarity. - Renamed CHAT_SERVER_PORT to WEBSOCKET_SERVER_PORT for clarity. - Moved the index.php and js files and css files to its own public folder. - Fixed a bug where dom(selector).prop(..) would not set a value - Updated the comments in dom.js for later documentation. Fixing #31 - Added dom(selector).removeAttr(). Fixing #25 - Removed external dependence bootstrap-theme.min.css from the project. - Scripts and Stylesheets are now relative to the directory your hosting it in. So that the project can be hosted in sub directories for example chat/index.php. Fixing #29 and #28. - Cleaned up the HTML code. fixing #30

1.3 Small new features

This update will fix some small things to make the package more easy to use overall. It will also make the whole footprint of the package smaller.

- Tested and fixed a last few bugs, then released. Fixing #12 - Updated Faker to version 1.7 and Ratchet to 0.4.1. Fixing #5 - Added auto reconnect (if server restarts or if the internet goes down). Fixing #6 - Empty text should not be sent, now there will be a css animation for the input box. Fixing #22 - Updated the comments for JSDOC3, fixing #14 - Removed the dependency on jQuery because its slowly dieing. Fixing #9 - Updated to reflect the copyright of 2018, fixing #11 - Updated the javascript code to ES2015, fixing #13 - Closed issue to add .gitignore. We already had it. Closed and ignored #16 - Updated to be more detailed about bugs being fixed. Fixing #12 - Added the License inside the file. fixing #10

1.2 Small changes

After doing some research on windows 10 i found one limitation. Windows does not allow the default configured as a valid host to connect to. This update will update the default code to host on localhost ( and connect to localhost as well.

  • CHAT_SERVER_IP is now deprecated as from now we will use a more generic name like CHAT_SERVER_HOST.
  • Fixing a bug that made the chat to not work on windows 10, fixing #2

1.1 Multi chat!

- In this release i have added private chat!, Fixing #1

1.0 Initial Release

This is the first stable release of mysql_websocket_chat. This project features basic websocket chat with configurable database setup to log chat message.