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Subject:Blank lines
Summary:unnecessary blank lines between headers and body
Author:Ronald Klip
Date:2009-01-06 10:21:34

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Picture of Ronald Klip Ronald Klip - 2009-01-06 10:21:36
I'm sending a plain text message, without smtp. Somehow 2 blank lines show up at the top of the message. Here's my code:

$meel = new nomad_mimemail();
$meel->debug_status = 'no';
$meel->set_from('', 'Some Name');
$meel->set_to('', 'Another Name');
$meel->set_subject('Just another test');
$meel->set_text('A line of text.');

Version 1.6.2. The server runs PHP 5.2.8.

I fixed it by removing one BR on line 803. Will that have any implications?