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Subject:duplicate mails
Summary:Receiving every (test) mail twice, version 1.5
Author:Paul Moers
Date:2007-11-12 12:22:12
Update:2007-11-21 23:11:52

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Picture of Paul Moers Paul Moers - 2007-11-12 12:22:12

first off all, thanks for the great mailer class.

Second, I believe I have found a bug. The problem I'm having is that I receive every (test) mail twice. I found out that this is because of the 'to' record in the headers. So braking the code that adds it to the headers does the trick.

if (!empty($this->mail_to)){ // FixBug: version_14_de_nomad_mime_mail#comment-294
$this->mail_header .= "To: " . $this->mail_to . BR;

(I'm using Thunderbird as mail client.)


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Picture of Alejandro García González Alejandro García González - 2007-11-21 23:11:52 - In reply to message 1 from Paul Moers
Hi Paul.

You try to send via SMTP or whitout it?

Tnx for you support