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registration form with dropdown: form with dropdown

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registration form with dropdown


Picture of Attlee Baptiste by Attlee Baptiste - 10 months ago (2022-03-31)

form with dropdown

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a registration form with dropdown menu choice and email verification

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  • 1. Picture of Manuel Lemos by Manuel Lemos - 10 months ago (2022-03-31) Reply

    Hello Attlee,

    Can you give more details about the purpose of such a drop-down menu in the registration form?

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    PHP HTML5 Form: Display and validate a form that uses HTML5

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    Picture of René Mansveld by René Mansveld package author package author Reputation 25 - 4 months ago (2022-09-09) Comment

    This package can display the form easily. Your 'dropdown menu' is a select field. For sending emails I recommend the PHPMailer class (you can find it on GitHub).

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